intercentar is a blog devoted to promoting, dealing with and discussing the idea of Employee Financial Participation! We, the team behind the blog, composed of academics, students, employers, labour unions, politicians, lawyers, economists believe, that our society today needs a stronger social and democratic stability. The answer to that is the formation of a more just society by transforming the majority of non-owners into owners of productive capital. One instrument would be the different participation forms of employees in the success and the assett of the company they are working for on the one hand. On the other hand it leads to better performances and a better competitiveness of companies and stabilizes macroeconomic structures.

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Our team

Sabine Schneider

Authors (in alphabetical order):

Gyula Kocsis, Dave Lemmens, Judith Limberger, Jens Lowitzsch, Martin Scholze, Sabine Schneider, Marko Setzer, Lukas Wiafe and guest authors