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On this blog in July 2012, we talked about Judson T. Bradford of the W.J. Bradford Paper Company, now the Bradford Company, located in Holland, MI. Mr. Bradford began his ESOP journey in the 1950s and for well over 30+ years championed the ESOP cause among local and national leaders which led to the introduction of what is probably the first pro-employee ownership bill in Congress and helped to get employee ownership on the 1968 Republican Party platform. In 2003, the ESOP Report covered Mr. Bradford’s work in this article.

“Saying that Judson is an unsung hero of the ESOP cause is an understatement,” said ESOP Association President, J. Michael Keeling. “Without people like him, who saw and understood the vision of the ESOP’s founder, Louis Kelso, the concept of employee ownership wouldn’t be the same today.”

Some of Mr. Bradford’s letters and work surrounding ESOPs was covered in…

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