The Week of Financial Participation – day 3 of the conference, 19 Oct. 2011 at the EESC in Brussels

László Andor, Commissioner Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion

Jean-François Lebrun, European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities

Ria Oomen-Ruijten, MEP, Member of the Committee of Social Affairs

Roberto Gualtieri, MEP

Winfried Menrad, Rapporteur 2003 Report on Asset Formation

Maurizio Petriccioli, CISL

Dr Marco Cilento, CISL

Alexandra Baum-Ceisig, IG Metal/Volkswagen AG

Bruno Vitali, National Secretary FIM CISL FIAT

Jean-Francois Kondratiuk, Chairman EWC PSA Peugeot

Benoit Ostertag, Renault CFDT

Marco Bentivogli, FIM CISL

Bart Samyn, Deputy Secretary, EU Metalworkers’ Federation

Steven D’Haeseleer, Business Europe

Izaskun Alzola, Mondragon University

Heinz Zourek, Director General of DG Enterprise and Industry

Prof. Jens Lowitzsch, European University Viadrina

Jean-Philippe Debas, Equalis Capital

Pierre Genest, Amundi France

Boris Rischow, Amundi Germany

Prof. Herwig Roggemann, Free University of Berlin

Jacopo Schettini Gherardini, Standard Ethics

Stavroula Demetriades, Head of Unit, Dublin Foundation

Winfried Menrad, Rapporteur 2003 Report on Asset Formation

Claude Fischer, President of Confrontations Europe

George Dassis, President of EESC Group II


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Intercentar is devoted to dealing and promoting the idea of Employee Financial Participation for a more just society.

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