The Week of Financial Participation – day 2 of the conference, 18 Oct. 2011 at the EESC in Brussels

The speakers today, Tuesday 18 Oct. 2011 are:

Pervenche Berès (MEP, Chair of the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs); Elmar Brok (MEP, Chair of Delegation for relations with the U.S.); Luca Jahier (EESC, President of Group II); Patricia Kelso (President of the Kelso Institute); Dr Marco Cilento (CISL); Prof. Marco Caramelli (INSEEC Paris Business School); Prof. Andrew Robinson (University of Leeds); Malcom Hurlston (ESOP Centre); William Coupar (Bayswater Institute); Philip Copestake (OPM); David Anciaux (CEEP); Carlo De Masi (General Secretary, FLAEI CISL); Oscar Usetxi Blanco (Director of Innovation, Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa); Massimo Castellani (CISL Provincia di Verona); David Anciaux (CEEP); Andrea Benassi (General Secretary of UEAPME); Josef Niemic (Deputy General Secretary of ETUC); Valeria Ronzitti (Director of CEEP); Maxime Cerutti (Senior Advisor BUSINESS EUROPE); Philippe Adriaenssens (Young European Federalists); Peter Matjašič (European Youth Forum); Max Neufeind (ETH Zurich); Thiébaut Wéber (Confederal Secretary for Youth CFDT); Julia Golla (European Univ. Viadrina); Maurizio Petriccioli (CIS); Lukas Wiafe (European University Viadrina);  Mathias Gerspacher (European University Viadrina); Dimitris Tsigos (President EU Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs); Patrik Kovács (Founder-President Young Entrepreneurs Hungary); Elena Naydenova (European University Viadrina); Jasmin Lakatoš (European University Viadrina); Anders Hentschel (European University Viadrina); Gyula Kocsis (European University Viadrina); Niklas Hofmann (European University Viadrina); Bernd Hüttemann (General Secretary, Network European Movement)


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Intercentar is devoted to dealing and promoting the idea of Employee Financial Participation for a more just society.

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