The Week of Financial Participation started today, 17 Oct. 2011 at the EESC in Brussels

The speakers for today, Monday 17 Oct. 2011 are:

Alexander Graf von Schwerin, EESC Group II

John D. Menke, President of the Menke Group, San Francisco

Prof. Jens Lowitzsch, European University Viadrina

Dr Arkadiusz Radwan, Allerhand Institute

Elisabeth Fuchs, IBU succession management

Henri Malosse, EESC, President of Group I

Prof. Iraj Hashi, Staffordshire University

Bernard Daly, ICC ESOP Trustee Ltd. / EFES Board Member

Max Stelzer, voestalpine Arbeitnehmerprivatstiftung

Miguel Ángel Cabra de Luna, EESC Group III

Paul Maillard, Honorary President of FONDACT

Anže Hiršl, Senior Legal Adviser ZDS

Dr Andrea Borroni, University of Naples

Fred Hackworth, ESOP Centre

Gianluca Pastorelli, President of DIESIS

Pascal Trideau, CEO of CGSCOP

Francesco Abad Rigla, CEO of Confesal

Dr Henrik Steinhaus, CEO of Excellence in Change


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About Intercentar

Intercentar is devoted to dealing and promoting the idea of Employee Financial Participation for a more just society.

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