Employees becoming co-owners, that´s the aim of EFP – says Prof. Verheugen

´The final aim is that the employees become co-owners,´ said Prof. Verheugen, former vice-president of the European Commision in Mai 2011 at the press conference at the European Univerity Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder), Germany. He considered the EFP-model presented at the EFP-conference by Prof. Lowitzsch and his colleagues as the best model on the market so far and it should become the basis of the future legislation in Germany.

Watch the highlights of the press conference with:

Prof. Günther Verheugenformer Vice-President of the European Commision, Professor at the European University Viadrina

Prof. Jens LowitzschProfessor at the European University Viadrina

Alexander Graf von SchwerinRapporteur of the own initiative opinion SOC371/2010 on EFP of the European Economic and Social Committee


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